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Love of Animals, Inc.
P O Box 6344 Visalia, CA 93290 -6344






Love of Animals

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Donation Information

Thank You for your interest in supporting our charity. Donations of cash, in-kind services, and supply items are always needed.

Donation Box and Shares Card Locations, click here

How we distribute and use your donations

*  Our Spay and neutering funds pay for the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for Pit Bull breeds as well as Spaying and Neutering of feral cats. Purchase of feral animal traps. 

 * Companion Adoption Funds are used to the purchase of gas cards for transport of animals going to rescue sites, pay for spay and neutering, medical procedures and the adoption animals well being. 

 * General Funds helps with printing forms, brochures, and miscellaneous costs.

To assist our divisions with cash donations, choose how you would like us to use your donated money. Either send your donation to the address listed or use our handy PayPal donate button.       

All volunteers, fosters, staff and board members are non-paid and donate their time and expertise. 

Spay and Neuter

(includes spay and neuter of feral cats and Pit Bull spay and neutering.)

Companion Adoptions

(pays for spay and neutering, microchips, food and bedding and other expenses when finding homes for our cats and dogs.)

General Funds

(wherever it is needed. Examples are: operating expenses such as vehicle registration and insurance, web site fees,  division supplemental funds)

P O Box 6344
Visalia, CA 93290-6344
P O Box 6344
Visalia, CA 93290-6344
P O Box 6344
Visalia, CA 93290-6344
           If you have any questions regarding donating,please use our contact page or send an email to 

Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S cards are also available.
The money received is used to supplement our Spay and Neuter division. If you would like one, either send us an email to or mail us at Love of Animals, PO Box 6344, Visalia, Ca, 93291.

In-kind Services and Supplies:

*  Printing services (forms, flyers, brochures, etc.)

*  Office supplies (i.e., credit for purchases up to a specified amount)

*  Medications such as antibiotics for kennel cough; required shots, etc.

*  Repairs of organization vehicles (as of 2013 we have one CNG van. We are looking to obtain a trailer instead)

*  Pet food

*  Towels and blankets

*  Pet kennels and crates

*  Materials for constructing kennels

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